Top 20 LinkedIn Groups For Business Promotion

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LinkedIn_Image-resized-600For companies looking to market to other businesses, or professional individuals, I strongly encourage you to take a look at LinkedIn Groups. They allow you to network with other professionals without leaving your home/office, they can be a resource for helpful tips from industry experts, and by posting answers to questions or submitting your own topic of discussion in these groups, you can gain credibility and attract more visitors to your website.

When you join a LinkedIn Group, you can decide how often you want to be notified when someone posts a question, discussion topic or piece of news in the group. I have my settings pretty high to where I am alerted several times a week on the group's activity. Some may choose to be alerted immediately a comment is posted, or only be alerted once per week of all the groups activity. You can also completely turn off your notifications and simply log in to LinkedIn at any time when you want to see the recent activity.

Because LinkedIn is a well respected social media site for business professionals, it may not be the best platform for companies looking to sell personal items direct to consumers. Facebook and Twitter are better sites for those topics of discussion. However, if you sell to businesses, you definitely want to consider using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool.

Recently LinkedStrategies posted an article on their blog listing the Top 20 Recommended LinkedIn Groups for Business, which is a great resource for those that want to start joining groups, but aren't sure where to begin. Their qualification criteria for choosing the top 20 is very fair. They note that, “numbers [of members] don’t matter as much as quality,” and I totally agree.

Once you do start joining these groups, you'll start to get a feel for which are right for you, which have too much spam and which ones have strict rules on posting. Take some time to just observe before joining in the discussion and you will be sure to find LinkedIn Groups a valuable online marketing resource.

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